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narendra modi, BJP, bjp
Narendra Modi

Fame of Narendra Modi
The first and main strength of NDA is Narendra Modi. He is most popular leader of present time in India and in foreign countries also. Modi is more famous than his party. On Twitter, PM Modi has more than 43.4 million followers and he is third most followed person in world on Twitter. On Facebook he as at first place and Donald Trump is on second place.

Strategy of Modi
Narendra Modi targets poor people of Indian society. Everyone knows that in India poorty is a major concern and he works a lot to decrease it. His major and big step of demonetization decreases the level of black money. He also implements GST.

Benefits from Indo Pak Bitter Relationship
Before BJP Congress never replied Pakistan for his terrorist attacks and border firing but at the time of Modi he takes revenge of URI terrorist attack by surgical strike.

Major Step of Airstrike
To show the power and bravery of India Modi replied Pakistan for Pulwama attack by airstrike on Pakistan’s terrorist camps.

Support of Youngsters
Narendra Modi is held in high regard by youngsters who are forming an increasing part of the electorate in every election. Every time he targets first time voters in his speech.

narendra modi, BJP, bjp
Narendra Modi

Weakness of Congress
If we think about the weakness of Congress party then Rahul Gandhi is at major concern. He doesn’t have the potential to confront Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is a born leader but in the case of Rahul Gandhi, he has only some inherit leadership. Rahul Gandhi is a weak leader in comparison to Congress’s previous leaders.
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Rahul Gandhi


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