India Will Have Its Own Space Station- ISRO

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India Will Have Its Own Space Station- ISRO

On 13 June Thursday ISRO Chairman K.Sivan announced in media that ISRO is planning to build its own space station by 2030 after the first manned mission “Gaganyaan”.
 Sivan says- “we want to have a separate space station. We will launch a small module for microgravity experiments... that is our ambition”
The ISRO would also join the international space community for a manned mission to moon and beyond, Dr. Sivan said.
Dr.Sivan briefed that space station is envisaged to weigh 20 tonnes and serve as a facility where astronauts can stay for 15-20 days, and it would be placed in an orbit 400 km above earth. The time frame for launch is 5-7 years after Gaganyaan.

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ISRO Conducts First Crew Escape Test For India’s Manned Mission.

The experiment on the 'Pad Abort' or crew bailout system at 7 am in Sriharikota was a grand success. Instead of a person, a crew model was used. The model was kept in a capsule and this was attached to a rocket engine. When the solid engine motor was fired and launched into air, the crew capsule got detached from the engine in air after some time, moved away from it, a parachute was deployed and the capsule landed safely at a designated spot on the sea. The 259-second test on the crew capsule was significant as this would be a crucial component of the indigenous human space flight programme. The experiment on the critical technology was meant to check the safety mechanism of the human space capsule and to see if the crew can bail out easily if any untoward accident happens during the test-flight of the spacecraft

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