Cheap AC by Government – Register Online

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Cheap ACs by Government – Register Online
 In this hot summer you want to put the AC in the house but if you are hesitant to shop due to the AC cost and electricity costs, then it is good news for you. According to media reports, after about one and a half months, the government is going to make you available at low prices and the low cost electricity consuming AC. Yes, the way in which the government provided the LED bulbs in very cheap prices, the government is now planning to make the public available at affordable prices, making the AC less expensive. It is being told that the government is bringing this project in view of energy conservation.
According to the reports, the government will provide about 15 to 30 percent cheaper AC from the market price to the people. Most importantly, it will consume less than 30 to 45 percent less power than normal AC. This would be far better than 5 star rated ACs in the market. The sale of these low energy expenditures and cheap prices of AC by the government can be done through DSM.

EESL will Launch the ACs
 AC with this cheap price will be launched by the government company EESL. EESL has also given information regarding this AC on its website. According to the information provided by EESL on their website, the cost of AC will be reduced after bulk purchases. The guarantee of this AC will be 1 year, while the AC compressor will be guaranteed for up to 5 years.

 According to the information given by the government company EESL on its website; this AC will help in reducing coal emissions by up to 1000 kg every year. Also, electricity bill can be saved every year at Rs 11,162. The company has targeted to sell AC to 2 lakh people by next year.

cheap ac by indian government

Exchange Offer is also Available
According to the reports, this scheme of government will also have an exchange offer. That is, you can also replace your old AC with a new AC. Apart from this, booking can be done online within 24 hours sitting in the house. One important thing is that your electricity connection is on your own name, because you have to show your bill to buy AC.

Online Registration
 Online registration are expected to begin from July. People would then be able to apply online and order 1 AC for themselves at their home. After placing booking for ACs, people would get their ordered AC installed at their home within 1 month duration.

Only 1 AC is provided to the electricity connection holder on his/her name. Without electricity connection no one can register for AC.

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